Mit Sicherheit ans Ziel

taxi scale

for the district of Siegen-Wittgenstein
Approval authority approved taxi
(Taxi fare)
from 21.09.2001 as last amended by Decree of 17.12.2012

§ 1

(1) In the carriage of persons with authorized taxis in the district of Siegen-Wittgenstein in the compulsory vehicle field, the following tariff which may be below neither over-nor apply.

(2) The duty driving area includes the territory of the district of Siegen-Wittgenstein.

(3) travel or destination point outside the boundaries of the area are not subject to mandatory driving this tariff for the entire journey.

(4) Within the required driving area has every taxi driver whose vehicle is ready to conduct the promotion it is transmitted, if the starting point and destination of the journey are within the mandatory driving area.

§ 2

The fare including all charges is calculated independently of the number of persons to be transported using a calibrated fare indicator.

§ 3
Calculation of the fare

(1) Within the region is the mandatory driving carriage charge shall be as follows:

1 In the period from 06.00 – 22.00 clock (day rate)

Base price: 2,60 €

Kilometer charge for destination trips (Level 1): 1.80 € (0.10 € each 55,56 m)

Kilometer charge for tours (steps): 0.90 € (0.10 € per 111,11 m)

2 In the period from 22.00 – 06.00 clock (night rate)

Base price: 3,20 €

Kilometer charge for destination trips (Level I): 1.90 € (0.10 € per 52.63 m)

Kilometer charge for tours (Level II): 0.95 € (0.10 € per 105,26 m)

3 On Sundays and holidays, the night rate applies during the day.

4th Waiting time fee of 29.00 euros per hour (0.10 € per 12.41 seconds), unless the rest of the driver is to blame, the taxi is directly involved in an accident or a technical defect in the vehicle occurs.

Special supplement of € 0.30 for each piece of luggage transported from the 2nd And for each item of luggage conveyed dog except guide dogs.

6 Contract for the appointment of a metropolitan area taxis (vehicles with more than five passenger seats) in the amount of 4.00 euros. The contract may only be collected if the large taxi is requested and used.

(2) round trips are journeys where the passenger is returned by taxi to its departure point. Destination trips are journeys where the passenger does not return to the starting point of his journey, but the taxi leaves at the destination.

(3) The approach to the ordering location has to be free of charge within the town or hamlet of the operating seat from tax stand. City or districts are marked with signposts to mark the 310 and 311 Highway Code. The driving distance is beyond the fee paid for tours. Charge the journey has to be made outside the above range, if the subsequent Busy ride back into the village and seat of the operation of the taxi stand or they will go through.

In all other cases the approach to § 3 paragraph 1 No. 1 to 2 (of 2 tariff level for round trips) to calculate. The taximeter shall only at the ordering location to inform the passenger about the arrival of the taxi or on reservation at the agreed time on, unless it was already set in place in operation, which is critical for the onset of reimbursed driving distance.

(4) If the purchaser does not take a ride on. he has to pay the stated amount by the taximeter in double height, but at least twice the basic amount. The amount is not payable if the journey is down. Further claims of the taxi operator shall remain unaffected.

§ 4

Failure of the fare indicator

(1) For failure of the fare indicator on the basis of the provisions of § 3 para 3 is the same carriage charge of paragraph 1 shall specify.

(2) the passenger is immediately pointed to the failure of the fare indicator.

(3) If the taximeter is disturbed, it is to be recovered immediately. This obligation applies to both the taxi operators and taxi drivers.

§ 5
Fare receipt

Upon request, the taxi driver has to provide the passenger a fare receipt. On the receipt of the full amount of the fare, the journey and the license plate number or the serial number of the taxi must be specified.

§ 6
Carrying the taxi fare

A copy of this ordinance shall be kept in every taxi and to refer the passenger to request for inspection.

§ 7
Special agreements

Special arrangements within the meaning of § 51 para 2 PbefG are allowed in duty cruising area. They require prior to their introduction to the approval of the licensing authority.

§ 8


Infringements of this ordinance are subject to the conditions of § 61 of the Passenger Transport Act as misdemeanors – with intent by a fine of up to EUR 10,000.00 and for negligence by a fine of up to € 5,000.00 – punishable, unless. they are not punishable under other provisions.

§ 9

Entry into force

This amendment shall enter into force on 01.02.2013.